Unlock your product data to  

Meet Jetpack, your AI-powered product expert. Centralize your product data and put it to work like never before with magical answers, insights, and automations.

Your brand is sitting on a data goldmine, waiting to be uncovered.

Jetpack aggregates valuable product data and puts it to work, using the latest AI technology. Jetpack's consumer facing engagement tools help educate and convert shoppers, directly from your ecommerce site.


Product Chat

Chat with your product data like you would your smartest teammate. Jetpack Product Base is your internal resource for all things product data. Instantly connect data sources via API or drag and drop, tag resources based on SKUs or product category, and boom, you're ready to go.

Dynamic Comparisons

Do your shoppers get analysis paralysis? With Jetpack they can dynamically compare features and specs of multiple SKUs, instantly on your site.

Fit Check

Your shoppers want to be sure they are buying the right product. Help them check if a specific SKU is right for their vehicle, model, etc.

FAQ Replacement

Replace your old-school FAQs with a dynamic Q&A experience, giving real-time accurate answers to your customers on any device.

Works with

Design Sprint
Interaction Design
User Testing
Usability Testing
UX Research
Graphic Design
Web Development

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Jetpack Work?
Jetpack ingests your product data (Shopify, User Manuals, Spec Sheets, YouTube, and more) and uses the latest AI to understand its content. When your users ask questions, Jetpack responds with answers based on your documents.
What types of data can I use?
Jetpack supports a variety of data sources, including Shopify Product Data, PDFs, CSV files, anonymized support tickets, entire websites, and even YouTube videos. We regularly add new data types. If you are looking to use a different data source, let us know.
How can my customers use Jetpack? 
Jetpack offers a variety of consumer facing plug-ins to help your shoppers get instant answers to questions about your products.
Can users ask questions unrelated to my products?
Jetpack is focused on your brand and nothing else. Our AI exists to answer questions about your products and company, so non-related questions are not answered.
How accurate are the answers?
Jetpack is fantastic at answering questions on topics covered in your imported data. The quality of your responses is directly tied to the quality of data imported. Unlike some large language models (LLMs), Jetpack would rather admit it doesn’t know the answer, than make something up.